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Nutrition Coaching to fit Your Life

Put good in, Get good out.

Hitting Your Goals

Everyone has goals, but we're also all unique. That means the path to hitting your goals is not a one-size-fits-all program, or a bottle of magic health pills. The truth is, there is no shortcut to good health, and the way to hitting your goals is surprisingly simple, yet difficult to execute on your own.

All Nutrition Plans = No Initiation Fee, No Maintenance Fees, No long-term Contracts.

The "Secret" to Success

At Ark Fitness, our approach to using nutrition to help you reach your goals is incredibly simple, and actually makes a lot of sense. We believe that in order to feel great, look great, and progress, you have to fuel your body with a plentiful quantity of nutrients. 

Here's what we DON'T do:

  • Overtraining

  • Extreme Dieting/Weight loss Fads

  • Excessive Cardio

  • Expensive Supplements

The answer lies in first understanding your unique goals, body type, lifestyle, habits, and everything that makes you, YOU! We then build a customized nutrition plan around your goals, which if followed properly, will inevitably excel you towards where you want to be. 

How is this plan different?

There's a good chance you've hit a low point before, and your determination along with frustration with how things have been, has caused you to throw money at a solution, hoping it's the one that will work. 

However, without the proper support and accountability, most diets and nutrition programs fail, quickly. 

That's where we come in. Your team at Ark Fitness partnered with Next Generation Personal Training will provide the following:

  • Pairing with a 1-on-1 Nutrition Coach

  • Customized plan to fit your lifestyle

  • Grocery list/shopping assistance

  • Meal Portioning/Planning assistance

  • Accountability Check-ins

  • Mobile Application to Track/Manage your Plan and Progress

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