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Building the Ark

For as long as I can remember, i've known that I wanted to do something exceptional with my life. I've struggled, however, understanding what that meant for me. I grew up watching my father of six kids do whatever he needed to to provide, even if it meant making sacrifices. This instilled in me a burning desire to look after, provide for, and build a bright future for those who mean the most to me.

For a while, I thought this meant finding a stable career, and pleasing upper management in hopes of climbing the ranks. After all, isn't hard work and dedication enough to be successful? As it turns out, there's much more to it. I discovered that i'm not content with following the normal pattern of work hard, pay taxes, and hope things get easier some day. Certainly, this incredible gift of life we are given must have more meaning than that.

I began working at the age of 14 years old when I found out McDonalds would hire me. This wasn't the most glorious career choice, but I did learn a lot of valuable skills, and made some great friends. From there, I did everything from automotive sales, retail, restaurant work, IT consulting, and e-commerce. I began each job thinking, this must be the one that gives me what i'm looking for. It goes great for a while, and then the excitement wears off. I'm back in the same position as always, working as hard as I can for slightly more pay, and answering to someone who may not share my values or vision.

There was one particular job that I loved more than any other, and that was when I managed New York Fitness Club in Mechanicsburg. It was here that I learned to truly get to know people, connect with them, and help to support their pursuit of their goals. Work never felt like work, and I looked forward to Mondays. However, I still faced the issue of working for a boss that shared different values, and didn't adequately compensate the work and effort I put in.

So here's where things come together. Wouldn't it make sense to take what you love to do, and then find a way to do it yourself, answering to no one? Easier said than done. But, that's why we are here. A series of events has led my wife Hannah and I to a point where we are prepared to fully pursue doing what we love, and using every fiber in our being to do it excellently.

It is true, that starting a business is incredibly difficult, and certainly not for everyone. So how do I know that Ark Fitness will be successful, and fill the gaps left by all my previous career attempts? I don't. However, I have never felt more strongly about this path, and all things have pointed in one direction, forward. No matter how hard things get, what challenges may come, keep-moving-forward. Sometimes it takes a great plan, creatively finding resources, and a good deal of faith, to bring it all together.

While I may not know exactly where this journey will take us, we're here for it, and look forward to meeting anyone who decides to join us.

Ready to take the journey with us? Get started HERE

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